Thank you for choosing The Traveling Carrot for your Raw, Vegan, Plant-Based Class!  All Meals will be made raw, vegan, fresh, and delicious!   All classes are done in YOUR home!  Chef Renee and her Sous-Chef will come to you!  You will receive free recipes from any class that you choose. All Classes are per person.  All food, utensils, and appliances will be provided for you.


Class Information:


DEMO CLASS:  INTRODUCTION TO RAW (90 minutes) $185.00 PER PERSON (MINIMUM OF 5 PEOPLE):   This class is designed to introduce you to the raw and living food lifestyle. Everything is completely plant-based and raw, nothing is cooked at all. This is not a hands on class.  Chef Renee will demonstrate and make 4 dishes:  an entree, side dish, dessert, and Smoothies.  


LEVEL 1 CLASS (4 Hours) $500.00 PER PERSON:  This class gives you the skills you need to go fully raw yourself and be able to feed your family raw, plant-based meals. This is all about learning to shop and stock your kitchen,  and prepare the food yourself.  No dehydrating is done in this class.  It IS a hands on class.


A RAW DAY WITH CHEF RENEE CLASS (7 hours) $820.00 PER PERSON:  This class combines techniques from level one and level 2 classes. This does include dehydrating recipes. This class is designed for those who may or may not want to be raw food chefs, but also need ideas and guidance on everyday meals including feeding your family. This IS a hands on class.


LEVEL 2 CLASS:  (2 DAYS, 7 hours each day $1,640.00 PER PERSON:   2 full days of plant-based living food! This class gives you the skills you need to stay raw and also teach or run your own business, if you like. You will see how you can make an income teaching others the art of raw and living food. This class is all about the lifestyle and how to teach others and stay raw yourself. Some things covered in this class will be sprouting, composting, fasting, dehydrating, and more!  This IS a hands on class. This class also includes the opportunity to work with Chef Renee in the food trailer at the end of the day!


*  All Classes must be pre-paid at least 10 days before your Class date.  Contact Chef Renee for payment plans.  Classes are done on Sundays and Mondays.  Please call Chef Renee at 281-433-5928 to confirm and set up your Class date BEFORE you send the payment.  Payment may be made through the website on the ORDER AHEAD TAB.  Payment holds the Class Date.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Thank you!


Chef Renee



3427 N. Fry Road, Katy, TX. 77449