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About Chef Renee

Hello!  I am a happily married Christian Mom of 2 Grown Kids!   I discovered the raw, plant-based lifestyle in 2007 and developed a passion for making raw vegan food through Alissa Cohen. I began teaching classes through her certified program in 2010.  (Classes are NOT available at this time). 
I was a flight attendant for Continental (United) Airlines for 20 years.   I began working my gourmet raw business as a Personal Chef which led to working my business online through      Tru Meals/Diet Gourmet in Houston, TX.   After 6 months of juggling both careers, I prayerfully decided to follow my passion and work my certified food trailer full time.  When Tru Meals/Diet Gourmet closed in April 2013, I was still interested in continuing my professional business.  At that point, my Darling Hubby saw an article on food trucks and the idea to have a completely raw, vegan, gourmet living food trailer was born! 

My first trailer was a cute little green trailer I affectionately called "Henrietta".  She was really old, but faithful for 5 years!  Then, I upgraded to a brand new orange trailer I call "The Traveling Carrot".

I love thinking about, preparing, and especially eating fully raw vegan food!   I really LOVE playing with my food!  It's just so much FUN!  
I really don't enjoy "cooking" food at all.  Occasionally, I do cook vegan meals for my family, so I understand the challenge some have when they are trying to maintain the raw lifestyle while having to cook for others; although my family does eat a lot of raw and vegan food with me.  Now that my kids are getting older (YAY!), if they want to eat something cooked, most of the time they make it themselves....double YAY!  :-).

I find that, if I am cooking something on the stove, I have to stay near it or I forget I'm cooking and burn it!  LOL!  That's the beauty of preparing raw food...nothing ever burns (and raw food saves on electricity also)!

Over the years, I have found that the more fully raw vegan meals that I eat, the better I feel.  I absolutely LOVE to cleanse my body using delicious freshly made juices and fasting from time to time.   I have learned to listen to my body and to be kind to myself.  I have first hand experience of the wonderful changes you can feel after going raw, especially losing weight and having mental clarity and energy!  After all these years, I'm still learning and growing.  I know that food choices are very personal and emotional and that not everyone is ready, willing, or desiring to eat fully raw vegan 100% of the time. 
I do not pretend to know everything and I never tell anyone what is the best way to eat for them personally.  I'm not a doctor.   Rather, I encourage everyone to give raw vegan food a try and take note of the difference eating the right foods can make in your body, mind, and spirit.  I truly believe the closer a person's diet is to the fully raw vegan lifestyle, the more changes you will see and the better you will feel.   IMHO, achieving optimal health through a raw vegan diet is a journey rather than a race.  I am truly grateful if you allow me to be on your journey with you. 
Thank you for taking the time to read about me!  I sincerely appreciate your interest and support!
Chef Renee'

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