Fully Raw Vegan



(Trailer location:  3427 N. Fry Road

11:30am - 7:00pm Thurs - Sat)











Order online from the Walkup Menu 

Get a Sampler Platter of meals in a to-go box!  This box is designed for those who would like to have different raw, vegan, plant-based meals at one time.

* AVAILABLE FOR WALK-UPS AND PICK-UPS ONLY when the trailer is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Call in orders accepted:  281-433-5928.  You may order by Bento Box as a whole, or individual meals separately.  Due to the pandemic, days and times are subject to change.   Please call to verify before making the trip!


What's in a Plant-based Bento Box?   

You will receive a portion of these meals from the Trailer Menu: Raw Vegan Fajita Salad, Zucchini Pasta w/Marinara Sauce, Mock Tuna Nori Wrap, Vegan Nut Taco, and one Do-Nut Hole


How much does the Bento Box cost:

$17.00 plus tax


Can I change the Meals in the box?

The portion size and meals chosen are built into the cost of the box.  Therefore, no substitutions are allowed.  

Can I order the Bento Box online?

The Bento Box is ONLY offered for walk-up or text in same day customers.


Can I order the Bento Box on Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Door Dash?

Absolutely!  Please visit the apps for these delivery services and you'll see it there!


What if I have allergies to nuts, seeds, or certain fruits, can I still order the Bento Box?

If you have food allergies, please order from the Online Menu and feel free to substitute.  At this time, the Bento Box is only available as is.


When can I purchase the Plant-based Bento Box?

The Bento Box will be available when The Traveling Carrot is opened Friday - Sunday.


Can't WAIT to hear how you like this unique variety of meals in one convenient Bento Box! 




Chef Renee

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