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Welcome to Raw Vegan Meals

There are 2 OPTIONS to choose from


OPTION 1 -  Trailer Menu:  

Currently, Chef Renee is recuperating from a foot injury.  She is able to make meals, but not stand for long periods of time.  So, we are only offering the BENTO BOX Meals for Fridays and Saturdays. (You may purchase the Bento Box or the meals in the Box separately).  We are limiting the Menu to only those 5 items:  

Fajita Salad

Zucchini Pasta w/Marinara Sauce

Vegan Nut Taco

Mock Tuna

Donut Hole



TEXT ORDERS TO:  281-433-5928.  You will receive an invoice to pay (using Paypal or credit card).  Please include your pickup time.


 NOTE:  Due to the Pandemic, walk-up and pick-up times may be adjusted from week to week.  If you are coming from a far distance, please verify that the trailer is open by TEXTING Chef Renee at 281-433-5928 before you make the trip!  

LOCATION:  3427 N. Fry Road, Katy, TX  77449. 

OPTION 2 -  Online Menu: 

This Menu is available every day/all the time.  There are more meals to choose from when you order ahead.  Please schedule pickup or delivery by TEXTING Chef Renee at 281-433-5928.  There are no pickups or deliveries on Sundays.  Some orders require at least 1 or 2 days (FRESH MEALS) or 3 days (DEHYDRATED MEALS) ahead ordering.  Our delivery area has been expanded to include 50 miles from our Trailer location!  


NOTE:  The Online meals are made to order, so if you have a food allergy or need to eliminate an ingredient, please specify in the options.  All of these meals use ORGANIC produce.


Raw Chef Renee